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Your Business Needs More Video.

Audiences expect video communication in every aspect of your business, and you need to meet their demands. Reborn Media Company brings cinematic story telling to your brand and allows you to connect with your audience in ways you never thought possible – We’ll work closely with you to create more audience-specific, high-performing videos fast and more cost effectively than most high end video companies that just leave you with a marketing asset and no real strategy to achieve an ROI.

Every video we create, comes with an advertising campaign built in – so you can rest assure you’ll see a return on investment that keeps on giving as long as you’re in business!

Here Is Exactly How We do it!

Stage 1 - The Brand Story (Prospecting / Brand Awareness)

Believe it or not, we all have the same buying behavior. When are become interested in something, we all go through the same series of actions before making a purchase. At Reborn, we tap into that buying behavior and know exactly how to lead your customers down that path to making a purchase. 

It all starts with letting your customer know that you exist and what your stand for! We believe that all businesses start with a dream to change the world in their own way. We will work closely with you to uncover your brand story, your passion for what you do and how you do it differently from your competitors. 

Stage 1.2 - The Hype Video (Prospecting / Brand Awareness)

Let’s face it, everyone needs a good hype man in their corner! The Hype video works along side the brand story video to give your business a larger than life look and feel. These two videos generally will run side by side as we track who watches which so that we can make sure they see both. 

We’ll introduce your brand to your market, share your story and your passion while letting them know that you are the real deal and should be taken seriously! 

Stage 2 - Review Video (Re-Engage / Re-marketing)

Once we have made initial contact and introduced your brand to the market, now it’s time to nourish that audience and turn them into raving fans that eventually become customers. 

We can talk about our businesses all day long, but when actual customers talk about us, this becomes super powerful.

After we build a massive audience of people who have seen our brand and hype videos through state of the art tracking, now we will show them what actual customers have to say. 

There are two styles of review videos that we love using. One is more of a traditional approach and the other is a totally new take on testimonials that we like to call customer spotlight videos where we take more of a TV episode approach and customers LOVE them!

Traditional Review Video

Customer Spotlight Video

How Can You Use Video-At-Scale?

Of course it doesn’t end there. If you can dream it, we can create it! It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for broadcast quality, or content for your Instagram stories – we can deliver any video, any format, any length for any application.