1 How To Setup Re-Marketing Audiences


Remarketing – The Real Power Of Social Media Advertising


So you’ve been running awareness video campaigns for a while now. You’ve reached 1000s of people in your local community..

Now what?!

Here is where the real power of social media marketing comes into play. The power of Remarketing! 

Facebook gives us the option to create “custom audiences.”

Custom audiences are segments of people that we can define inside Facebook.

For example, we have been running awareness ads for a while. We want to tell Facebook to monitor these ads and pay attention to not only who is watching the videos specifically, but how long they watch them. 

After all, someone who accidently clicks on the video and sees 3 seconds of it, is very different from someone who actually sits down and consumes most of it. 

In the video, I’ll explain remarketing and our exact plan to start nourishing our relationship with the people who actually take time to pay attention to our content!

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