00 A Third Grade Explanation Of What You’ll Learn Here.

A third grade breakdown on how to win on social media for local businesses

ANTI-AGENCY STRATEGIES “A Third grade breakdown on what you’ll learn by watching this free content”   So why are you here? What are you going to learn by watching all this free content?  Let me explain – so simple a third grader can do it!  ✌🏻 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieovVOMs4L0

Stop Creating Ads If You Want To Advertise On Social Media!

Stop creating Ads if you want to advertise on social media thumbnail

ANTI-AGENCY STRATEGIES “Stop Creating Ads If You Want To Advertise On Social Media! “   Resources: Tik Tok Creative Center: https://ads.tiktok.com/business/creativecenter/pc/en Facebook Ads Library: https://www.facebook.com/ads/library/ In today’s digital age, the landscape of social media marketing is evolving rapidly, and the traditional approach of repurposing TV or radio ads for social media platforms simply doesn’t cut it. […]

How Much Should I Post On Social Media?

How Much Should I post on social media

ANTI-AGENCY STRATEGIES “How Much Should I Post On Social Media?”   How much should you post on social media to gain traction?So you have some content? You’re trying to grow your business, and every time you post on social, you get….1 like… “Social Media sucks!!!””This dude told me I have to create 1 minute videos […]

2 Ads Manager Overview


ANTI-AGENCY STRATEGIES ADS MANAGER OVERVIEW Ads Manager is a free tool we will use to create Facebook and Intsgram Ads located in the Meta Business Suite.

1 How To Setup Re-Marketing Audiences

ANTI-AGENCY STRATEGIES Remarketing – The Real Power Of Social Media Advertising So you’ve been running awareness video campaigns for a while now. You’ve reached 1000s of people in your local community.. Now what?! Here is where the real power of social media marketing comes into play. The power of Remarketing! Facebook gives us the option […]