2 Ads Manager Overview


ANTI-AGENCY STRATEGIES ADS MANAGER OVERVIEW Ads Manager is a free tool we will use to create Facebook and Intsgram Ads located in the Meta Business Suite.

1 How To Setup Re-Marketing Audiences

ANTI-AGENCY STRATEGIES Remarketing – The Real Power Of Social Media Advertising So you’ve been running awareness video campaigns for a while now. You’ve reached 1000s of people in your local community.. Now what?! Here is where the real power of social media marketing comes into play. The power of Remarketing! Facebook gives us the option […]

Radio Ads VS Social Media

ANTI-AGENCY STRATEGIES EVER RUN RADIO ADS FOR YOUR BUSINESS? First off… Why a Radio Ad for your local business? Radio advertising can be a valuable tool for local businesses, offering unique advantages and some limitations. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons: Pros: Local Reach: Radio stations often have a strong local following, making […]

TV Ads VS Social Media

ANTI-AGENCY STRATEGIES EVER RUN TV ADS FOR YOUR BUSINESS? Running TV ads for a local business also has its unique set of advantages and disadvantages compared to other forms of advertising. Here’s an overview: Pros: Wide Reach: Television has a broad reach and can expose your brand to a large and diverse audience, which is […]

Mailers VS Social Media

ANTI-AGENCY STRATEGIES EVER USE MAILERS FOR YOUR BUSINESS? Using mailers, or direct mail advertising, has its own set of advantages and disadvantages compared to digital platforms like Facebook. Here’s an overview: Pros of Mailers: Tangible and Personal: Mailers provide a physical piece of advertising that recipients can hold, which can create a more personal connection. […]

Yard Signs VS Social Media

ANTI-AGENCY STRATEGIES EVER USE YARD SIGNS FOR YOUR BUSINESS? Yard signs can be a straightforward and effective advertising method for local businesses, but like any marketing tool, they come with their own set of pros and cons compared to more modern advertising methods, such as social media platforms. Pros of Yard Signs: Cost-Effective: Yard signs […]

Billboards VS Social Media

ANTI-AGENCY STRATEGIES EVER RUN A BILLBOARD FOR YOUR BUSINESS? First off… Why a billboard for your local business?  Increased Visibility: Billboards are typically placed in high-traffic areas, making them visible to a large number of people. This can significantly increase the exposure of your local business to potential customers who may not have discovered it […]

Website Traffic Using A Pixel

ANTI-AGENCY STRATEGIES EVER RUN PRINT ADVERTISING FOR YOUR BUSINESS? If you’ve ever used print advertising for your local business or have ever considered it, please take a look at this video 👉🏼 . I’m about to show you how to supercharge your print advertising efforts without hiring anyone – especially those “students” claiming how eager […]

4 Ad Objectives Explained

ANTI-AGENCY STRATEGIES UNDERSTANDING AD OBJECTIVES IN FACEBOOK Ad Objectives matter, but not that much unless of course you are making the worst mistake possible when running ads for your local business. Watch below 👇🏻

2 Video View Audiences

ANTI-AGENCY STRATEGIES How To Create A Video View Audience In this video, I’ll show you step by step how to create a Video View Audience so that we can pay attention to not only who watches our awareness content, but for how long. This is one of the most powerful and important audiences in this […]